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Spermbirds have split

Some of you won´t believe this as we have announced it quite a few times over the years since the early 1980’s – still it is sad but true: The Spermbirds are no more. And given our age, it is quite realistic that this time it’s forever. You might want to know the reasons, but we don´t want to go into too many details. Let’s just say: Lee has left the band for various reasons. And unlike in 1993, we […]

THANKS – Live-Album free listening

Listen to our first livealbum THANKS from 1989 on Bandcamp for free. You can also donate or buy the record digital there. Have fun with it! Start this trip back to the old, fast and dirty days by clicking here

Save the BLA Bonn

Hi everybody, in times of Corona a lot of pubs and cultural places have big problems. Together with a lot of bands we trying to help the very cool place called BLA in Bonn. Together with Kidnap Music we release a Soli-Sampler on vinyl.

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"Go To Hell Then Turn Left"

Director & producer of video clip:
Kay Özdemir & Andreas Langfeld / Visual Attack.
Shot on March 22nd @Bla, Bonn



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